Monday, January 7, 2013

Online Purchases Shipped Directly to You

Photo Courtesy of Courier Connection

Whenever I am redoing a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room of a house -- whether for myself or for a client -- I end up doing a lot of my shopping for supplies and materials online. While there once was a time when one could find interesting and unique items for interior decoration at their local retail stores, that time is fading fast, and whether you like it or not, you had better get familiar with online shopping, because it is not going away, and is only getting bigger.

One should not feel daunted by online shopping, it is relatively easy, fast, reliable, and safe. In the past, shopping online had gotten a bad reputation from thieves and hackers who would hack websites in order to get in and find your credit information. These days too have passed. Online stores have come a long way from their infancy, and are now required by laws to have systems in-place to keep your information out of the hands of fraudulent users.

Shipping of these products has also come a long way in recent years. No longer are you constricted behind the choice of shipping UPS or FEDex, nowadays you can set up shipping accounts with your preference of courier services. Courier Connection is an Atlanta Courier with a great track record for the transportation of online purchases. Whether shipping locally or globally, Courier Connection can get your goods from A to B safely and affordably.

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Labeling Your Own Bathroom Products

There are a great many ways to add a little personal touch to your bathroom's interior design. One way that we have recently run-across in our search for the ultimate bathroom ideas is "branding" your bathroom. This new and creative idea comes from Olivia Gorton from Fort Pierce, FL, a retired school worker that has taken to traveling and interior design in recent years.

Ms. Gorton's idea originally stemmed from her ordering last-minute custom printing labels for holiday gifts she was sending out last Christmas. She designed and ordered clear labels emblazoned with the names of all 12 of her grandchildren. "It was so simple and easy to design the label, that I wanted to make some more," says Gorton. The second time she ordered labels, Olivia decided to go with some of the waterproof labels that were pre-sized to label 8 ounce bottles. She quickly sketched out a design for "Gorton's Mouthwash," and had it printed on the plastic label. Once delivered, this label went on a reused glass bottle that became the decorative home for mouthwash in the family bathroom.

The mouthwash was only the first of a long line of "Gorton Brand Products" that would eventually grace the shelves and alcoves of Olivia Gorton's bathroom. Today, Olivia has a full line of products with antique-styled labels in every corner of her family bathroom, as well as in the kitchen. You too can customize your own labels for products, it is quick and easy at

Retro Fabrics Give Your Home A Dreamy Nostalgia

I am a huge fan of interior design and styles that were made popular in the 1950s through the early 1980s. My love for these quirky, experimental, and sometimes over-the-top styles and designs was recently revisited when I watched an episode of "American Castles" on Netflix. The episode highlighted a few of the personal masterpieces that Frank Lloyd Wright had designed solely for his own use in his two main homes -- which was multifunctional, including a studio and architectural school facility -- Taliesin, and Taliesin West.

The two great masterpieces of Wright's catalog not only showcased his talents as a groundbreaking architect, but also as a master of interior design. Each of Wright's carefully crafted rooms, in each of his sketches, was to be adorned with only the finest -- and most eye-catching -- of treatments. The Wright-style of interior design was avant-garde and pushed the limits of design, using silk fabric and other upholstery fabrics in unconventional ways, such as a wall covering, or carpeting display shelves. All of this was done in the vibrant and colorful style of the 60s - 70s, and while some of us wish to forget our historical faux pas which had our homes dripping with radioactive orange and sickly green, I revel in it.

All this nostalgia had me obsessed all weekend, yearning to redecorate at least one of the rooms in my house to this throwback style, but I had to find out where I was going to get all of the materials for this endeavor? All of the styles and designs that I loved were now considered out-dated, would I be able to find materials that at-least mimicked the decades-old styles?

Thankfully, I was able to find just the solution to my problem, with Warehouse Fabrics Inc. Warehouse Fabrics has thousands of different styles, patterns, colors, and designs -- everything from conservative to flamboyant. If you want to find unique materials for redesigning a room in your home, visit the largest online showroom in  the world at: